We don’t just record your wedding,
we document your love story.

No scripts, no pre-written lines, you should not be the actor and actress in your own wedding! We cherish the most authentic emotions, the simplest sparks of joy. Jimmy Wedding Films are here to be your friend – a companion, a listener, to capture every sacred moment created by the two of you on your special day.


My own experiences from the outside world are recorded by me through all these years of being on this planet.

Asian Wedding Filmaker Jimmy Wedding Films

Not being fussy but simply preserving the moments in life: about my family, about myself, about everything I see or feel.

I began recording everything when I was 14 years old, using a hand-held camcorder that my father gave me for my birthday. I documented everything from school, field excursions, and all of my journeys into this world.

Then, nearly 10 years later, that enthusiasm became an unintentionally plentiful source of energy for me to study, work & gain expertise in expressing stories through each degree of feeling between captured moments.

"I enjoy love in the simplest of times, the naturalness of feelings, and the great tie between two autonomous individuals; the way we individually love & respect each other, thanks to the pure, simple, raw emotions that nature provides."

I enjoy traveling, discovering new lands with people, customs – habits – cultures from all over the world, or everything on the path I have passed. It may not be a well-known location, but it has its own personal significance to every one of us. By merging the cinematic perspective and your stories into the frame I choose, making them the most complete and distinctive.

That’s why the wedding film made me fall in love from the very first moment, which was also part of the motivation for me to begin this adventure. Moreover, “wedding films’ ‘, in my opinion, are not only happy moments but also a long story about how the loving couple met, then overcame all hurdles together to achieve the ideal things that are the most meaningful.


Frequently asked Questions

We are based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. But we can travel anywhere to document your love story. If you are not based in Hanoi, we can set up online-meeting sessions to plan out everything.

Rest assured. You don’t need to have everything planned or figured out yet! We are here to help with that – We have a very specific process that walks you through each step. We can help with suggesting locations, choosing the ideal package, other vendor recommendations, accommodations, and planning out the timeline.

Flexibility is key. With our expertise and many years of experience, we always have backup plans to cope with unexpected situations.


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